Commission on Population and Development closes without resolution

sesión-sobre-población-y-desarrollo-onu-e1398770228261This year, the work of the Commission on Population and Development began a week before focusing on the development of the post-2015 agenda. However, it was not possible to finish the session with a negotiated and agreed resolution by the member countries.

The 48th session of the Commission on Population and Development of the United Nations, which is in charge of following up on agreements signed by countries in this field, was carried out during the first two weeks of April and chose as this year’s motto “achieving the future we all wish”. The intention was to send key messages to retake the learned lessons from the process of operational evaluation of the 20 years of implementation of the IV Conference on Population and Development in Cairo.

The work of the CPD did not begin with negotiations, but with readings of the draft resolution prepared by the Chairperson of the Bureau. In April 17th the Presidency presented a balanced document reflecting various positions submitted by Governments during the debates. However, the Presidency removed the document less than two hours after presenting it to delegations and without further discussion.

Civil society organizations extended a statement calling attention to this new way of proceeding in the sessions of the commissions. They made a call to prioritize negotiations among Governments to move forward with consensus agreements that allow improving the framework of respect for human rights.

This year the different elements of the post-2015 development agenda are being negotiated, which will outline global policies for the next 15 years. It is vital that civil society organizations are involved in the global process to monitor the fulfillment of the commitments when they return to a national level.