It started in Cali, Colombia in 2004 with the opening of “How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?” In association with the Government of Valle del Cauca.

Programs in our AID FOR AIDS Colombia

This program facilitates access to treatment for people with HIV or AIDS who would not otherwise have access, or for those whose bodies have resisted the treatment regime provided by the Ministry of Health as part of the popular health system, offering therapeutic alternatives. according to the treating doctor in Colombia in charge of monitoring and guaranteeing compliance.

Accomplishments (2002-2017)

  • 200 trained teachers.
  • 53 schools attended.
  • 2,000 peer educators.
  • 26,000 young people sensitized through the peer methodology.
  • 36 peer e educators of the LGTBI population.

Contact information

Administrative office
Address: Calle 5 #38-25 Oficina 318. Edificio San Fernando Plaza. Cali, Valle del Cauca.
Phone number: +57 (318) 441-4954


Our staff

Jaime Valencia
Country Director

Jorge Luis Díaz
Regional Director of Development for Latin America and the Caribbean

Eduardo Hernández
National Coordinator

Johnny Lenín Romero
Project Coordinator: Central Area

Isabella Latouche
Finance Manager


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Bank: Bancolombia
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