Colombia – District attorney’s office finally assumes crimes of hatred towards the LGBTI people

  • April 17, 2015
  • News

bandera gayA seminar was held in Bogota from 26th to 27th March to train investigators of the Attorney-General’s Office on issues related to crimes committed against LGBTI people.

This training is part of a wider process of restructuring of the entity that seeks to have a differential and transversal approach when it comes to investigate crimes committed against LGBTI people.

“It is about recognizing a minority, which has been historically segregated without having an adequate system of research allowing to know what happened in each case, and in this way making a proper collection of evidence and allegations”, said the District Attorney, Jorge Fernando Perdomo.

In order to succeed a restructuring of the Attorney’s Office is needed to allow a more appropriate work with the police department, judges and the Institute of Legal Medicine, avoiding these kind of crimes to go unpunished.

“This is part of a policy of the Attorney General’s Office, which, among other actions, has worked in defense of the adoption by same-sex couples (…)”, commented the official.

A highly controversial case in a South American country is about a young man, who recognized himself as gay in public. He was harassed by the directors of the school where he was studying, to such an extent that he ended up committing suicide. This is an example that deserves better investigative process to get to the bottom of the matter.

The actions of the Attorney’s Office are of vital importance, so victims of this population can be taken seriously, avoiding discrimination towards this community. This will avoid this crimes to be labelled as crimes of passion, as it is often done, when we are actually referring to cases of hatred and intolerance committed by several perpetrators.

Dr. Andrés Rodríguez Zorro said that, for instance, Cali is where most of the murders against trans women are concentrated in Colombia. With this information, we can carry out more precise and preventive actions.

“What the Attorney’s Office is doing is really important, since the first step to clarify crimes against the LGBTI community is addressing prejudices, take the victims seriously and train researchers on issues of violence against LGBTI people”, concluded Dr. Zorro.