Central America refuses to equal rights for LGBT community

TEXT-HEREIn El Salvador, it seems that equal rights for the LGBT population is further away than ever. Recently, on 16 April, the Salvadoran Congress approved a constitutional reform that would prevent same-sex marriages and allow only the union between man and woman. On the other hand, in Honduras, despite having years debating the subject, the country has not advanced at all. Same is the case of Nicaragua, where this month the Government adopted a new family code, which while it improves and updates the rights of the population, it does not recognize same-sex marriage, and consequently, it closes the doors for adoption.

Other Central American countries such as Guatemala, have also failed to achieve much progress on the issue.

Apparently, equality of rights is not a relevant issue for many Central American Governments. They may have to spend several years or decades of movement for the rights of the homosexual community, and unfortunately seeing fall many people who try to make changes in the matter.

It is a pity that, for example, many of the organizations that work with the LGBTI people have cast aside the issue due to lack of resources and have devoted to other issues more closely linked to health, as it is the case of the HIV response, for which financing still exists.

“It seems that it was not a transcendent issue for the Central American society”, said Jorge López Sologaistoa, General Director of OASIS.

The OASIS Organization recently conducted a survey on equal marriage with several members of the Congress of Guatemala and the answer was a resounding NO. According to Jorge López, 87% of the parliamentarians responded that “even for a million dollars” they wouldn’t be willing to approve a law that had to do with same-sex marriage.

Source: http://www.corresponsalesclave.org/2015/04/lejos-de-la-igualdad-de-derechos-para-la-comunidad-lgbti-en-centroamerica.html