Calling All Medication Donors

  • February 21, 2011
  • News

AFAI’s AIDS Treatment Access Program, the organization’s 14 year-old flagship operation, continues to witness a slowdown in donations of recycled medications. In 2010, donations totaled 6,327 bottles of medicine, worth $4.26 million. This was down from 10,492 bottles worth $7.04 million the previous year. Through the first month of 2011, recycling volume remains on a par with 2010. AFAI is exploring a number of steps to address the shortfall, including increasing the number of drop-off locations in the U.S. and Canada. But, in the meantime, we are putting out an appeal to supporters, for more donations and to help us get the word out on the street. The battle against HIV and AIDS is a long way from over. Please help us get life-saving medicine to the people in desperate need. The following medications are the most urgently needed:

  •  Aptivus 250mg
  •  Atripla 600/200/300mg
  •  Combivir 300/150mg
  •  Emtriva 200mg
  •  Fuzeon 90mg
  •  Kaletra 200/50mg
  •  Prezista 300mg
  •  Prezista 600mg
  •  Sustiva 600mg
  •  Truvada 300/200mg
  •  Viread 300mg