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Example menu for the week

IN intermittent (interrupted lat -. “Blinking, has been broken,” the intermitto – “move to disrupt”) – the disease, its symptoms appear occasionally when

For effective treatment of occupational asthma is the complete elimination of the effects of the factors that attacks the disease type = “note” l benotigt:

You lie down, resting under his arm, to join hands in the groin.

See “Anatomy of the respiratory system”

Yet. -. As a result of laziness, especially spiritual – people want the problem solved somehow by itself, without notice, your help, no change of consciousness and attitudes, and life itself historian These ancient peoples and Greek philosopher Plutarch: “The waiting To ensure the health, lazy, stupid as does the person who thinks in silence, to improve their voice.”

In summary, the literature generally distinguishes intervertebral hernia cervical and thoracic spine and lumbar-sacral fracture Purchase cheap generic Levaquin – Levofloxacin Online Innovativepharms.com

In the option of allergic asthma, allergen (one or more) not identify asthma

The remission (lat remissio – .

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. “reduction, easing”) – super cialis

• irritability Kaltespray aerosol (spray coolant temperature was -30 ° C, their replacements – 3 ° C)

23 tend to allergies, colds, bronchitis ..

Before going to bed: green tea without sugar.

Lunch: 200 ml unsweetened plain yogurt, 2 oranges or apples.


24. I have big, massive bodies, large joints.

The starting position: legs perpendicular to the body increases. Hands the ball out in front of the chest.


The skin of people limo pale and cold, soft and dense constitution, usually swollen joints, stiffness, urine, light and smell, tongue dirty flower white, white rubber, swollen eyelids frequently. Its these people a long, deep and calm. If a person is not required to sleep 8-10 hours, better not touch it again – you can fall. But all these people are happy and satisfied, very nice to others and know how to respect the feelings and opinions of others. Rarely anger do not go to the deterioration of relations, trying to keep the peace in any situation. Sympathy for others, kindness – no complaints, but a natural feature of human nature limo Constitution. You feel the need for constant care for others, breathes warmth and friendliness.

The same distance to the left

-. Are applied to the inner thighs, in the popliteal not land projecting internal organs (kidney, heart), intermittent vibration (pat, hack, effleurage), particularly in elderly and senile age

1. 3 times a day or more often

The morning dose. Thyroid, Bentyl, Zanaflex ... - Instagram lymphocytes (lymph and Greek kytos – .. “recording”, here – “cell”) – the blood cells. L. involved in immune responses and facilitate the recognition and killing of cells, antigens (cm.). There are two main types: B cells and T lymphocytes T lymphocytes category in the thymus, where they trained to get your name – T cells

often varies

15 Mood. I can be a fun and gay and being depressed – and then not for long.

As you inhale lift your hips as high as possible above the ground (the first position). After expiration obtained (second position) on the floor. Repeat this for a minute.

1. wheezing -. Acute respiratory distress during exhalation, especially in children

• 20-25 ° C

5. Accordingly, the development of characteristic clinical picture – episodes of breathlessness, lack of air in the chest, coughing, wheezing. These symptoms often occur at night or early in the morning

• Forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV

-. Return to starting position and relax

– antihistamines. Drugs that inhibit the action of histamine (cm.). This includes :. Synopen, diphenhydramine, clemastine, cyproheptadine, promethazine, Phencarolum, hydroxyzine, terfenadine, astemizole, acrivastine dimetenden, levokatastin, azelastine, cetirizine, fexofenadine and other

Dinner: 100 g fat cheese small house, 1 banana, bioyoghurts 100ml.


Professional “prejudice” can therefore

Bjorn Svanberg on Instagram: “#vw #split #1950” allergic and non-allergic – Section inhalation. straight right hand down

The treatment of lumbar disc herniation -. one of the most difficult problems of modern medicine. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication provides only temporary relief and surgery is risky and does not protect against relapse. Existing nonsurgical treatments require the participation of an experienced specialist, found that not only.


The treatment of asthma exacerbations

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina (US) We came to the concluded that smokers who quit since leaving 35 years, the same can live a long and healthy life, as well as those who never smoked. Therefore, only a complete cessation of smoking can benefit. No half measures, no question. Smoking is prohibited safely – “weak” cigarettes, “tasty” Cigars, cigarettes pipe “harmless” “”

weak and the disease does not occur by themselves and on an empty space and are useful to result of malnutrition. Lifestyle throughout life. If this behavior, youth in anticipation according to his own mind and nature, be careful to avoid health and passions, the rewards will be long and full of life, emotional, mental and physical activity, even in the last year.


The last time you lift your hips as high as possible and remains in this position, forcing the buttocks and abdominal muscles

ready to sour – 2-3 tea pouring sour cream, or – 0.5 EL.

Pavel Fadeev

Day 6: 1.5kg fresh or cooked apples, 500 ml of tomato juice without salt.

• determine the daily fluctuations of the transmittance of the bronchi;


The anatomy of the respiratory system

Lunch: 200 g spiced fruit salad with yogurt.

If you do not smoke, avoid places where people smoke. In many developed countries, the fight against the consumption of snuff in public places has the legislative support. For example, in Germany in two provinces – Lower Saxony and Baden-Wurttemberg – the official ban on smoking in public places. The law applies to the country subordinate administrative bodies, state hospitals, schools, universities, cafes and restaurants. Ban and German style hookahs included. The penalty for breaking the law – from 40 to 150 euros. For smokers, according to the law, builders are required to enclosed spaces, it assign specially equipped with a separate entrance and

Figure 5. A nerve cell

-. 1 tbsp. l. hop powder rub with 1 tbsp. l. butter. The amounts rub sores.

Select what you want, on the strengths and custom. However, exercise is important if you do not want the disease to repeat

Dinner :. Vegetable soup 250 ml, 1 block, 100 ml of yoghurt.

• portability and convenience;

After starting treatment should strengthen the weakened muscles of the back and the return of the old mobility of the spine physical therapy. Faster recovery after treatment promotes fraction massage.

Figure 1. The organs of the chest. Front view:

– As you exhale, bring one leg to the side, so


Antileykotrenovye forms an angle of 45 ° an antitussive effect, weak bronchodilator effect, reduce the activity inflammation in the respiratory tract. Roads, the incidence of exacerbations of asthma and weaken the severity of asthma symptoms.

If the properties of mucus injured, loses its protective properties. May be a viral disease with an inflammation of the lining of the nostrils is. There are profuse watery or mucous membrane, which in turn can mucopurulent purulent and purulent infection accession. The choice of particular importance for children with narrow nasal passages – swelling gets serious breathing. Children become restless and cranky, do not sleep and eat less.

When you move the disc face a double burden, so that each flexion and extension of the spine should be kept taut with the belly, rounded back and buttock muscle strain. Walking should hold back and just put the head, neck forward. If the seat – back of the chair, back straight; Your feet should reach the ground, and even better, put on your hips higher than your knees stands. Sleeping on your stomach and can – indeed the only attitude, riding on a soft bed. Your bed should not be too soft or too hard. , The bed should last plate of sufficient width to cover with a thin mattress

COX -. Cyclooxygenase

The complete description of the clinical picture of asthma in cm

Asthma Treatment

– metabolites or components based probiotic microorganisms – representatives of normal microflora;

The internal organs, smooth muscles, blood vessels. Innervate the autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system controls the functions of internal organs and maintains a constant internal environment. The autonomic nervous system consists of two subsystems: the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The activity of the sympathetic nervous system dominates the mobilization of pressure, with the threat. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when the body is at rest. Upon activation of the sympathetic nervous system, heart rate, elevated blood pressure, increased pulmonary ventilation increases due to expansion of the bronchi, accelerates the digestion, increases the metabolic rate and so on. N., TE degradation processes dominate in the body.

The MRT is the “gold standard” for the diagnosis of pathological changes of the soft tissues, such as nerve structures, ligaments, muscles. – With MRI degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, facet hypertrophy, spinal stenosis, disc herniation and other diseases

You can display

systemic allergic reactions. Allergic reaction (s.), Which will be held with the participation of all the organs and body systems, including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

All these classifications do not exist separately from each other and consolidated in a single unit in the diagnosis, so that you fully and accurately describes the state of the patient at the time.

– should not lift more than 5.8 kg, in particular without heating and warming of the muscles of the back, not to jump from a height, recommended long road trips;


cough distinguish, based on time of day: morning, night, day

How to clean blood is like a recipe :.

2) compression, compression;

The control of the nervous system, spinal cord, is not a condition of the spine, it is not possible to support and protection.

hippiebabypeaceblossom - Instagram Although many people who are overweight can, long time to feel good and do not notice any symptoms of illness, are likely to adulthood quickly he worsened his condition. There are indications that the average expected life of overweight people is much less than people of normal weight

Dinner :. 100 ml of hot tea without sugar, vegetable stew 200 g, 150 ml of yogurt without sugar.

Chiropractic – the main method of nonsurgical conservative treatment of spinal fractures

Another method – a vacuum or suction, massage, very popular in Eastern medicine. Although this is. A sort of vascular gymnastics, alternative knowledge expansion and contraction of blood and lymph vessels massage Cut accelerates the circulation of blood, lymph and interstitial fluid from the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons reflexes and related organs. This eliminates stagnation, toxic metabolites, regulation and standardization of activated metabolic processes and organ function.

In healthy people, the state continues doshas, ??live long, not knowing the suffering of the disease.

As with other methods in order to clarify the diagnosis of asthma, conducts clinical analysis of blood and sputum. In the first study of patients with asthma, chest radiography

Diseases happen first type of mucus. – A support that is in the chest and is responsible for the secretion of gastric juice, saliva, mucus and other bodily fluids, wherein the lost appetite, which is filled and burning in the chest, stabbing pains in the chest and back belching bitter fluid, torturing heartburn, much saliva, sputum, increased mucus of the nose is different.

• potted plants that require frequent watering food;

At the clinic, a woman of 65 with a strong constitution limo asked lymphostasis right arm almost lost mobility. The swelling was so great that in the brush slides barely visible beneath his fingers. Viktoria Ivanovna says that twenty years ago, underwent surgery for breast cancer and then hand began to swell. The course of magnetic therapy does not bring results. The problem is that they started increasing weight, so that during the growth of 164 cm, a weight of 105 kg. Clarify the nature of the power of Victoria Ivanovna, I heard they eat bread every meal (albeit black), unsalted – Medical prohibited. Sometimes you can get a slice of cucumber eat and simple. Spicy food and spices they use, although their diet consists almost exclusively of products Yin. Not surprisingly, the result was overweight. Initially, he was asked the patient to walk more and change the nature of power: A spicy, bitter and salty. Viktoria Ivanovna was defeated: After 20 years, there is a fresh food for them a revelation. Treatment also includes herbal remedies, massage, hands (including a massage with honey) and hotspots sagebrush cigars biologically heated. A month later the swelling mobility of the fingers, the woman to perform a simple job has been detected; Pain disappeared and a feeling of heaviness in the arm in the morning. Slowly but surely, 5 kg per month began to decrease weight.

Chapter 5. Good nutrition in diseases of the spine

On 3

Beta (?2-agonists)

Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention. Revised http://www.ginasthma.org 2007.


When good visual and palpation of the back inspection defined under the skin of the spinous process VII vertebrae protruding from neck, ribs, shoulder bones with the acromion, the inner edge of the wings and the bottom. Lymphatic vessels located in the back, take .. axillary and inguinal lymph nodes

On behalf of the French scientist R. Tiffno (1910-1961), who proposed the figure calculated

From the mucus and water – heavy things that accumulate in the body after they start. In “Chzhud Chi” is mucus, “which is at the top, falls”, then the first swollen ankles (shoes made to end the night) it is then the thighs and swollen buttocks back eventually float fat and informally.

If your doctor might then recommended before, relax the back muscles. This is accomplished by using a hot: range (water temperature of 37 ° C for 10 to 15 minutes). , After bathing, make the simple self-massage of the back – rubbing his hands along the spine, or use massager – roller, spatula or rub with a towel