Argentina – The Government will prohibit HIV testing in the pre-employment examination

hivtestThanks to a resolution of the Ministry of Labor that promotes new measures to prevent discrimination in access to work, HIV testing on the pre-employment examination is strictly prohibited. According to spokespersons from the Ministry of Labor, the resolution will be published in the Official Gazette in the coming days. Exact days are still unknown.

The resolution was celebrated by several members of civil society, as it is the case of Fundación Huésped, an organization working in the care and HIV prevention. For years now, dozens of organizations and individuals have been claiming the Government this problem as a way to reduce discrimination against people with HIV in the workplace.

For instance, Fundación Huésped has carried out administrative presentations for establishing the prohibition of the testing. Even nowadays, many companies of labor medicine included HIV testing among the requirements before hiring someone. Despite not being legal to refuse any applicant for having HIV, it is true, that a person with HIV was subjected to discrimination, which later on would result in dismissal.

In this sense, the test suppression claims that this result tends to be a common cause of discrimination, and that makes it visible in the thousands of complaints that are received in different organizations year after year.

“A person with HIV has no impediment to work, she or he doesn’t put at risk the health of the rest of the employees,” said Frieder, Executive Director of Fundacion Huésped.

On the other hand, it is noted that in Argentina, 71% of people with HIV are working-age and 23% of them appears to have been discriminated against at work. This resolution is a great achievement for the HIV response because it will improve the employability, and thus the quality of life of people with HIV in Argentina.