Argentina – If the country says NO to Gilead, more than $ 11 million could be saved by purchasing generic Truvada

  • April 23, 2015
  • News

gileadThe community of people with HIV in Argentina has mobilized to reject the patent of Truvada, because if the State authorizes the order in the country, generic versions of Truvada could manufacture, which would represent a potential savings of more than $ 11 million.

Fundación Grupo Efecto Positivo (FGEP) along with Red Argentina de Personas Positivas (Redar positive) submitted a call for attention to the Patent Office of Argentina to reject the patent requested by Gilead on a drug that is marketed in the country with exclusivity and high-priced.

The Argentine Ministry of Health must provide treatment to more than 41 thousand people with HIV who are benefiting through the national program, of these, more than 5 thousand people are treated with Truvada.
The annual investment of the country for the purchase of Truvada is more than 12 million dollars. Undoubtedly, a billionaire business to Gilead.

On the other hand, according to the organization Doctors without Borders, this medication is available in the international market in the generic version of TDF+FTC for only US $74 per person per year, which shows that the cost of production of this drug is significantly low. This means that the Argentine Government could easily save more than 11 million dollars annually if you they buy the generic version produced in India.

“… The main thing is to ensure the sustainability of the national program of access to HIV medicines”, said Alex Freyre of Red Argentina de Personas Positivas.

“Medicines are not a commodity, they are a social good to secure access to the fundamental human right to health”, said José María Di Bello, Coordinator of Red Mundial de Personas con vih de Cruz Roja y Media Luna Roja