• January 24, 2011
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AID FOR AIDS International is in greater need of the following medication: In addition one of our clients in Peru is in serious need of Vistide 75mg/ml Solution.

  •  Aptivus 250mg
  •  Atripla 600/200/300mg
  •  Combivir 300/150mg
  •  Emtriva 200mg
  •  Fuzeon 90mg
  •  Kaletra 200/50mg
  •  Prezista 300mg
  •  Prezista 600mg
  •  Sustiva 600mg
  •  Truvada 300/200mg
  •  Viread 300mg

If you or someone you know has excess of these or any other antiretroviral, please

If you want to know where you can drop the medicine off Click here