An epidemic of hate and its laws…

  • August 7, 2014
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Over the last year, a group of bigoted, misguided laws has illuminated the lack of global progress on the issue of HIV. Most notably Uganda, Russia and the Ukraine have directed sanctions towards the LGBTI and HIV communities. The state of world affairs is certainly far from where we’d hope; in total, 46 countries retain restrictive laws of entry or stay for people with HIV, 116 countries criminalize sex work, 78 countries pursue and punish sex between people of the same sex, and 61 countries criminalize exposure or transmission of HIV. These are laws that directly or indirectly lead to increases in the transmission and stigma towards HIV.

These laws, which have recently made headlines, are motivated by hatred towards people with HIV, and as well as other key populations. Men who have sex with men, transgender people, drug users, sex workers, migrants, displaced persons, people living with HIV, women, persons deprived of liberty, including pregnant women, children, adolescents, and people with disabilities are all victims of such hatred. Due to this it is very difficult to achieve the existing goals to lessen the impact of HIV/AIDS, as well as stigma, homophobia and discrimination. To stop HIV, we will have to eradicate this epidemic of hate and violence against these groups and furthermore, involve them actively in the process of change. We need to ensure that these populations speak for themselves and thus we will be able to achieve a world of equality.

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