AID FOR AIDS will celebrate equality and you have to join us!


New York City!! Coming right on the heels of a successful AIDS Walk 2012 is the June 24th Gay Pride Parade 2012 and AID FOR AIDS is going to have a resounding presence again. 
The 42nd annual procession commemorating the anniversary of the mad-as-hell-and-we’re-not-gonna-take-it-anymore Stonewall uprising, has gained speed and momentum over the course of the years and AID FOR AIDS, since our inception, has been there to make a statement in support of equal rights – not only in New York, but all over the world. With so many crucial issues coming before us, now is the time to show how strong we are in our resolve to live in a world in which are all treated equally. So many of us were born into a world of gay consciousness, we can’t even imagine the before-Stonewall existence.

There’s strength in numbers and we need you to be with us and march, no matter your sexual preference, to make sure that the direction in which we all keep moving is forward.  The march will also be an opportunity to showcase our message of prevention and the hard work that still needs to be done to end the HIV epidemic. Therefore, it’s worth repeating that we want you to join us for this event.

Don’t forget to sign in early though … If you are one of our early registrants, you will receive a free tee shirt when you arrive to join our group on the 24th but we only have a limited supply!
To join us today, please contact Jonathan Capote at

or 212-337-8043.

Let this be another reminder of how grateful we are to you all. It’s a fact that without you, we can’t continue with our life-saving work collecting unused and sealed medication to be recycled to Latin America and the Caribbean along with our educational and counseling programs which help to sustain and give quality to the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.