AID FOR AIDS’ newest offering in New York

  • August 1, 2012
  • News


Judging by the intensity of applause coming from the conference room and from the positive energy of participants in the last of a series of educational workshops held at our New York Office, we are pleased to see that our team has once again decisively accomplished our goals. The latest success in our programs is a pilot project focused on the effective use of life skills to empower individuals living with HIV. Our newest offering is a three-hour, weekly seminar emphasizing personal empowerment and the different ways participants can strengthen and develop social skills. The workshop is intended to show the participants how to make constructive changes in their lives based on positive emotions.

For more than a year, the AID FOR AIDS team has worked closely with psychotherapist, Maria P. Ochoa, to design a life skills curriculum appropriate for our clientele.  The course offers an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment in different areas of life for people with HIV.  The general areas covered include self-esteem, social skills, emotional management, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, goal setting, and health and self-care.  These were chosen in order to facilitate the ability of participants to identify and acknowledge their own personal strengths.

The methodologies used are primarily based on group discussion, the use of terminology (such as that found in the paragraph above), and visualization techniques.  The participants are given practical and interactive tools to help facilitate the learning process.  In the end, they are able to pinpoint their strengths and abilities in order to use the newly found information to help them improve their quality of life. 
The participants in this first round of workshops were chosen based on need from our roster of beneficiaries, as part of our New York Immigrants AIDS Link Program.  After this initial success, we will soon announce the next round of workshops. If you wish to be added to the waiting list please contact Dario Jimenez at