AID FOR AIDS International & The Latino Commission On Aids Establish Strategic Partnership


February 7, 2012. New York, NY.

AID for AIDS International & the Latino Commission on AIDS announced today in New York City their agreement to establish a groundbreaking partnership. Both organizations will work together to develop a joint effort to complement their strengths, as well as continue cultivating their long history of addressing the impact of HIV and AIDS in the Hispanic communities in the United States & Territories as well as throughout Latin-America and the Caribbean.
Guillermo Chacón, President of The Latino Commission on AIDS, stated: “Our joint commitment to build this strategic partnership will be guided by the following visionary principles: creativity, innovation, energy, and leadership from both organizations, focusing on five key areas: Organizational Development, Treatment Education, HIV Prevention/Education, Capacity Building Services, Community Mobilization and Social Marketing.” 

“The strategic partnership under this PUENTE SALUDABLE/HEALTHY BRIDGE initiative will develop joint efforts throughout the continent in response to the impact of the Pan-American HIV/AIDS epidemic” stated Jesus Aguais, Executive Director of AID for AIDS, International.

This partnership will be a positive and shining example of the power of active collaboration and cooperation to deliver unique services to the ever-changing needs of our communities throughout the United States & territories, Latin-American and Caribbean countries.

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