AID FOR AIDS International Thanks Zipsters!

  • July 22, 2011
  • News

AID FOR AIDS International wishes to express its sincerest thanks to Zipcar Inc. for partnering with us on a successful campaign to marry energy-efficient transportation and the battle against HIV and AIDS.

Under the month-long fundraising campaign, which ended July 15, Zipcar members – or “Zipsters” as they are known – donating $10 or more to AFAI received $10 driving credits toward their next Zipcar reservations. Non-members making donations to AID FOR AIDS received $30 off their new membership fees.

“This latest campaign was a continuation of a very fruitful and longstanding relationship between our organizations,” noted AFAI executive director Jesus Aguais. “We look forward to working with Zipcar to keep coming up with creative new ways of expanding our partnership.”

Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing network with over 575,000 members and a fleet of more than 8,000 vehicles, has been supporting our Recycling Program by providing free driving credit to AFAI for the transportation of medicine from donors’ homes and clinics to our New York offices.

Zipcar’s “wheels when you want them” strategy reduces dependence on personally-owned vehicles, which translates to reduced traffic congestion, cleaner air and less use of foreign oil. For AID FOR AIDS, “wheels when you want them” means reduced local transportation costs, which enables us to dedicate more of our resources to quality control of donations and international shipping costs.