Aid For Aids International Announces Medicine Drive

  • July 15, 2011
  • News

AID FOR AIDS International (AFAI) will launch a nationwide, weeklong medication recycling drive on August 18 through the 25th. In advance of the campaign, we have begun reaching out to AIDS organizations and community groups across the country to help us increase donations of HIV/AIDS medications and to build awareness of our recycling program, which over the past 15 years has shipped more than $70 million worth of antiretroviral medicine to people living with HIV or AIDS in 35 developing nations.
AFAI will host an open house at our Manhattan headquarters on August 4, from 11 am to 3 pm. Staff members will be available to provide complete details and answer all questions about the recycling drive.
“It’s a campaign whose beauty and power derive from its simplicity,” says Liliana Velasquez, Recycling Program and Marketing Manager at AFAI. “What could be simpler and more beautiful than turning potential waste product into life-saving treatment? We’re hoping that we can get our existing recycling partners to ratchet up their involvement, and bring in many new allies to help us spread the message.”
Organizations and community groups can join the recycling drive in two ways: by collecting medicine within their own facilities or encouraging their clients and supporters to donate directly to AID FOR AIDS. AFAI will support these individual recycling initiatives with electronic flyers that organizations can print out and post in strategic locations around their offices. AFAI will also arrange to pick up all collected medicines at the end of the drive. Organizations collecting medicine will receive recognition on our website and Facebook page.

Here are the collection guidelines:

 All donated medicine must be unexpired;
 No loose capsules or tablets will be accepted;
 Liquids must come in sealed bottles;
 For those concerned with confidentiality, AFAI removes all names from donated medicine bottles before shipping.

The primary focus of the campaign will be on collecting antiretrovirals, including:

•Protease Inhibitors (PI) Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI)
•Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTI)

The most-urgently needed medications are:

•  Atripla 600/300/200mg
•  Sustiva 600mg
•  Truvada 300/200mg
•  Combivir 300/150mg
•  Epivir 300mg
•  Fuzeon 90mg
•  Intelence 100mg
•  Isentress 400mg
•  Kaletra 200/50mg
•  Prezista 600mg
•  Retrovir 300mg
•  Viramune 200mg
•  Viread 300mg

The recycling drive will also accept medications to fight opportunistic infections, including antifungals/antimycotics and antivirals.

Additional information on the August campaign, and on AFAI’s Access to Treatment program, of which recycling is the key component, can be obtained by contacting Liliana Velasquez at 212 337-8043, ext. 302, or by email at


“Over the past 15 years,” concludes AFAI founder and executive director Jesus Aguais,  “we’ve had the joy of discovering how even the smallest-scale community initiative can reverberate around the world. We’re now looking to take that initiative to a new level of participation and we urge you all to join us.”