AID FOR AIDS’ Director of Advocacy Attends Expert Meeting on the Global Fund in Holland

  • March 1, 2012
  • News

Sustainability and accountability will be the subjects of a presentation by Enrique Chavez, Director of AID FOR AIDS International’s Advocacy Department, at a meeting of experts on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, organized by the organization HIVOS, taking place on March 1-2 in the Hague, Holland.
The meeting aims to focus on efforts to support the “most at-risk populations (MARPS),” and will bring together a selected group of 20 civil society activists, academics and practitioners to deepen their understanding of the problem and develop recommendations for key Global Fund stakeholders. The Fund, while it has increased its efforts to reach the most vulnerable groups with access to health services, acknowledges that much more needs to be done to empower these groups and the organizations that represent their interests.
Specifically, the meeting will address strategies to empower MSM (men having sex with men), transgender people and sex workers—three groups disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic.
Enrique Chavez said his presentation will focus on how to sustain access to treatment and other life-saving initiatives once Global Fund financing has ceased, and how to build accountability among governmental organizations and civil society actors that will need to step up their involvement in the wake of the Global Fund’s departure.
“The number one issue here is how do we carry forward and fund the work itself, so that the short-terms gains that have been achieved can be consolidated, and how can we strengthen government and civil society institutions so that their bureaucracies don’t break down into competing entities and the interests of MARPS are not ignored.”
The recent decision to cancel Round 11 of funding, added Enrique, makes the issues of sustainability and accountability even more crucial.