AID FOR AIDS comes out in support of children living with HIV in Panama

  • March 9, 2012
  • News

This week, AID FOR AIDS shipped a bulk package of life-saving medication to support Panama’s Children’s Hospital (Hospital del Niño). The shipment comes amid a special request by the “Hospital del Niño”, which recently experienced a shortage of medications needed to cover the therapy of their current load of pediatric patients. The package sent to Panama includes bottles of Ziagen (Abacavir) to cover treatment for several children over the next few months, and bottles of Retrovir (AZT), a prophylaxis for mother-to-child transmission.

“Despite all obstacles, we continue growing our Recycling Program. This program has proven to be a key solution to gaps in access to treatment in more than 40 developing countries” stated Jesus Aguais, Executive Director. “We are particularly happy to be able to respond today to this kind of special request.”

Since 2007, AID FOR AIDS Panama has been running the Center of Integral Attention for Children and Adolescents, providing care, counseling, and emotional support to more than 300 children. AID FOR AIDS’ donation to the hospital is an expansion of our ongoing work together to benefit the pediatric patients living with HIV in the country. AFAI’s action also represents a gesture of solidarity to one of our most important partners in the fight to eliminate HIV in children.

AID FOR AIDS’ AIDS Treatment Access Program enables us to provide life-saving HIV medication to needy people in developing countries. This medication is collected in the US through our HIV Medicine Recycling Program via a network of partner organizations, hospitals, medical centers, doctors and private donations by people who no longer need these medicines.

To learn more visit: Recycling Program Info