AID FOR AIDS proud to be a part of history in NYC Pride March

Pride March 2013

The theme of the 44th Annual NYC Pride March was “Rain to Rainbows,” and we were very lucky this year to have more rainbows than rain at the parade!

Over 50 volunteers joined the AID FOR AIDS crew to march with us for an AIDS free generation and dance atop our specially designed float. The float, which was decorated with a giant globe, magenta balloons, and dark blue paint with a bright yellow trim, was based off the AID FOR AIDS tee shirt designed by Cristina Bocaranda. Also, the float featured banners prominently displaying our new logo to highlight the organization’s recent rebranding efforts.

This year’s Pride March was especially important in the history of LGBT rights in the US, and civil rights more generally. With Edie Windsor as one of the three Grand Marshalls of the parade, we were celebrating her recent victory in the landmark Supreme Court case, United States v. Windsor, which determined DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) to be unconstitutional and granted over 1,000 federal benefits to same-sex married couples across the country. The march also comes 44 years after the Stonewall Riots of 1969 exploded in New York’s West Village and set the course of the modern gay rights movement into motion. Over the span of a few decades, our society has certainly come a long way, yet the fight for LGBT rights is far from over.

With a record number of floats and participants in this year’s march, we got rolling down 5th Avenue around 2 pm and ended the parade with a giant crowd of spectators cheering us on as we reached Christopher Street. The positive energy and joyous atmosphere at this year’s NYC Pride was incredible, and AID FOR AIDS was honored to be a part of this historic march. Supporting the rights of the LGBT community is just one of the ways we work to end stigma and discrimination in order to achieve an AIDS free generation!

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