Workshops in Panama empower families affected by HIV

  • July 17, 2013
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Workshops in Panama empower families affected by HIV

As part of AID FOR AIDS’ mission to educate, train and empower individuals around the world in comprehensive prevention, the Access to Treatment Program Coordinator, Eduardo Hernández, recently traveled for the first time to our satellite office in Panama. The purpose of his trip was to carry out a series of workshops and dialogues with children, adults, and families affected, either directly or indirectly, by the HIV epidemic.

The dialogues covered a range of topics to promote open discussion among participants regarding adherence to treatment. In addition, participants were encouraged to share personal experiences and open up about the struggles they face in their day-to-day lives. At the end of the series, children and adults with HIV, along with their families, left feeling more empowered and supported by their community of peers and loved ones.

Eduardo, who has worked in the Access to Treatment Program at AID FOR AIDS for 15 years, says he was thrilled to work with our beneficiaries in Panama. “I have never had the opportunity to work with children before, and for me, it was an incredible experience. I was so impressed with the insights the children had to offer during our conversations. The way they see themselves and the great amount of responsibility they assume in order to take charge of their health and their lives is very inspiring. Overall, it was moving to see the great impact our organization is having in the lives of children and families in places around the world like Panama.”

The weeklong series of dialogues and events held in the AID FOR AIDS Panama office was sponsored in part by Panama’s Ministry of Social Development (known by the acronym “MIDES” in Spanish). Trina Maria Aguais, Director of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Roalmar Alviárez, Children’s Program Coordinator, worked closely with Eduardo to organize the dialogues and to make the events for both children and adults more dynamic and lively.

This represents just one example among numerous others of how AID FOR AIDS is working to make a difference in the lives of people and communities affected by the HIV epidemic around the world. Follow this link to learn more about the work of AID FOR AIDS in Panama. You can also support our mission to continue saving lives one by one by clicking here.

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