Dominican Republic

AID FOR AIDS Dominican Republic was present at the LGBTIQA+ Pride Parade and completed the Life Skills and Empowerment project for high school seniors

On August 6, in a vibrant display of empathy, freedom, and awareness, our AID FOR AIDS Dominican Republic (AFA DR) office participated in the recent Pride Parade held on George Washington Avenue in the city of Santo Domingo.

This event became a scenario of inclusion and diversity, where AFA DR promoted safe sexual relations always using protection.

With the firm conviction of reducing the transmission of HIV and promoting safe sexual relations, AFA DR deployed its team of collaborators in the Pride Parade, carrying flags of support and basic protection kits, reflecting the long-standing commitment of the organization with the Dominican LGBTIQA+ community.

At AFA, we believe that awareness and action go hand in hand to reduce new HIV infections, stigma and discrimination. With each step in the parade, AFA DR reaffirmed its commitment to saving lives one by one by building a future where good sexual health is accessible to everyone in the Dominican community.

On the other hand, our AFA DR office completed the Life Skills and Entrepreneurship project with the delivery of certifications to 20 young students in their last year of high school.

This project was carried out at the Las Matas High School in Santa Cruz, where these young people strengthened their personal and social empowerment for their sustainable development with our “¿Cuánto Sabes?” and Entrepreneurship programs over 6 months.

The project culminated on July 30, with the exhibition and sale of products from each of the youth ventures at the Entrepreneurship Fair provided for in the project. The population of Las Matas was invited to achieve a broad projection and integration of the community in the activities carried out by young high school graduates, encouraging them so that they can be economically and socially independent.

This project was supported by our offices in New York City, and financed by Boomstick23, the foundation of baseball player Nelson Cruz that is committed to generating social impact through the empowerment of children and young people in situations of social vulnerability; developing abilities and skills through education and sports to improve the environment and their quality of life.