AID FOR AIDS congratulates GESTOS Brazil for their 22 years of hard work

gestosWe want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Brazilian Organization GESTOS (seropositivity, Communication and Gender, member of LACCASO) in the occasion of their 22 years of work and support towards people with HIV and AIDS in Brazil. For more than two decades, GESTOS has been committed to the defense of Human Rights and quality of life of people with HIV or AIDS. In addition, they have worked hard for the empowerment of women and the reaffirmation of respect for diversity.

GESTOS is composed of a group of sensitized individuals determined to help those who need it most.

Among the services offered by GESTOS is the psychological and social care for people with HIV or AIDS and the training of local multiplier agents and leaders in the legal and free support for the guarantee of Human Rights of people with HIV or AIDS.

A long path of social alliances mark positively the tireless work of GESTOS, which gradually has allowed them to occupy advisory spaces in instances of international relevance such as the UN.

For 22 years Brazil has witnessed that the struggle never ends until everyone can enjoy their rights – and also duties, and be able to enjoy a healthy and proactive life.

The great family of AID FOR AIDS wish you all many more years of success to those involved in these two decades of hard work.