AID FOR AIDS commemorates World AIDS Day Across its Offices

aids day worldThis December 1st, people gathered around the world for World AIDS Day. Each year, this day is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people with HIV, and to remember those whose lives have been lost due to AIDS. AID FOR AIDS commemorated World AIDS Day throughout its offices in Latin America and the Caribbean to raise awareness and bring communities together.

Mexico City commemorated World AIDS Day by illuminating 25 monuments with red lighting throughout the city. Important monuments such as the Ángel de la Independencia, and the National Museum shone for everyone throughout the city to see. AID FOR AIDS teamed up with Fundación México Vivo for the lighting of the monuments. Illuminating these monuments is an opportunity for everyone who has been affected by HIV, and everyone who has worked for the advance of treatment of HIV to raise awareness of the situation and encourage progress in the prevention, treatment and care for those with HIV and AIDS.

In Panama, a holiday party was held for children in Albrook Mall in Panama City. Children decorated Christmas trees with Red Ribbons, an awareness symbol for the support of those with HIV and AIDS. Children were given gift bags and shirts, and played games all Sunday.

In the Dominican Republic, a holiday party for children was held in the Museo Infantil Trampolin. Around 60 children and 80 parents attended. All of the children are children with HIV. On December 1st these children were given an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a day full of gifts, crafts, and laughter.