AID FOR AIDS and Voces Latinas team up to empower communities

Voces latinasVoces Latinas and AID FOR AIDS, both with common missions, teamed up in order to educate the community and lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS in Queens, New York.

We are confident that the best way to stop the HIV epidemic and other STIs is through the empowerment of communities at risk. That’s why both organizations work so hard to reach more communities and provide them tools that allow them to live a healthy life.

This partnership will strengthen the programs of both organizations, specially our outreach programs, through which we promote HIV testing in clubs and bars, among others. “Our work, through this new partnership, is aimed at getting people tested, who don’t know their status and are putting their health and others at risk…” said Jaime Valencia, Director of Operations of AID FOR AIDS.

In the same way, Voces Latinas will now be able to expand their work in Manhattan, so they can offer their services to more Latinos.

Voces Latinas is a volunteer run organization, whose efforts are primarily aimed at Latino women. Jorge Vidal, Assistant Director of Voce Latinas, said the following: “We have held firm to the belief that immigrant Latinas have much to say about their community and their needs but are rarely given a voice to express it. Throughout the years Voces Latinas has seen the impact these women have had on one another, their communities, and their families.”

We are confident that this new alliance will benefit our community, but above all, it will be a step forward in the eradication of the HIV epidemic.