AFA’s Board Members Recognized for Contribution to the Arts


Last week, the Museo del Barrio in East Harlem held their yearly Gala in New York City. At the Gala, the Museum honored two people who are also very important to AID FOR AIDS (AFA): Maria Eugenia Maury and Dr. William Haseltine. Ms. Maury is President of the Board of Directors of AFA, and Dr. Haseltine is a Member of the Board. They were both awarded the Joseph A. Unanue Trustee Leadership Award by the Museum.

We, at AFA, have known for years the quality of the philanthropic work that Ms. Maury and Dr. Haseltine carry out, and it gives us great joy to see their good work recognized by another organization.

The fact that this recognition comes for contributions to the arts, a very separate field from our own work in HIV and AIDS, makes it even more admirable. We want to congratulate them both, and also express how grateful we are to have them be a part of our organization. We know that awards like this only recognize even a fraction of all that you do.