AFA partners with Faith Alive USA to deliver life to hundreds in Nigeria

  • April 21, 2013
  • News


Last month, AID FOR AIDS donated a bulk shipment of almost 500 bottles of antiretroviral medication (ARVs)—valued at more than $400,000—to a US non-profit, which works closely with a Nigerian hospital and will help make the medication available to patients there. This large donation was a joint collaboration between our AIDS Treatment Access Program (ATAP) and Faith Alive USA, in order to benefit patients of the Faith Alive Foundation in Nigeria (FAFN).

This medication will fill the gap for about 165 patients without access to such treatment in the free Faith Alive Hospital in northern Nigeria.  The hospital has over 4,000 patients under care for HIV. This is the third such shipment AFA has donated for Nigerian patients since last year.

AID FOR AIDS began providing vital medication to Nigerians at Faith Alive in 2007. The African foundation was founded in 1996 after Dr. Christian Isichei completed a fellowship in the United States and flew back to his home in Jos with nothing but $333 in his pocket and a dream of creating the first free hospital there. Since that time, “Dr. Chris”—as he is known fondly by friends, family, and colleagues—has seen his dream become a reality. Today, the tiny, free clinic in a four-room apartment has grown into a three-story facility with annexes and satellite sites serving patients across the region.

The road leading from Dr. Chris’ vision to the free hospital has, however, been a bumpy one. Much of the clinic burned to the ground in April 2006, and just last year the hospital’s funding was greatly reduced, leaving its future in doubt. That is when AID FOR AIDS intervened and increased its bulk donations to sustain treatment for a large number of Nigerians in need of services.

“What we have been trying to do with Faith Alive USA, its partner in Nigeria, and other organizations serving Africans is to create links in order to get large volumes of donated medication into the hands of people who need it the most,” Mauricio Iafolla, Medical Director of the Access Treatment Program, explained when asked about AFA’s collaboration with Faith Alive. “We are very proud that AID FOR AIDS has the capacity to respond to requests such as this one. The fact that we are able to continue providing patients with access to treatment and to save lives around the world brings us a lot of joy and satisfaction in the work we do.”

The productive relationship between AID FOR AIDS, Faith Alive USA and FAFN encourages us to keep working toward the goal of eradicating the HIV and AIDS epidemic. You can become a part of this movement today by donating crucial funds and medications to support AFA’s Access to Treatment Program. By doing so you will be helping to sustain treatment that keeps our beneficiaries—like those served by the free hospital in Nigeria—alive and healthy.