AFA saves one more life in Venezuela

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One afternoon in May we received an email from Caracas, Venezuela. Among the many e-mails we had received lately that related to the current Venezuelan pharmaceutical crisis, this one stood out.

Ricardo told us the story of his wife, who had just been diagnosed with HIV in February, and was also 33-weeks pregnant. It wouldn’t be long before Angélica gave birth to her baby in a hospital in Venezuela. Through that e-mail we could feel Angélica and Ricardo’s concern about their baby’s future.  Ricardo requested AZT pediatric (Zidovudina), which had to be given to their baby during the weeks following birth in order to reduce the risk of HIV acquisition.

Ricardo and Angélica’s story really moved us. Immediately our staff began with the search of the medicine. One of our beneficiaries donated 8 bottles of the medicine Ricardo was requesting.  Furthermore, we contacted Elm Drugs Pharmacy, and they donated 6 more bottles.  Our co-workers in the HIV Recycling Program arranged the package that soon departed for Venezuela, and ended up in the hands of Ricardo and Angélica.

However, the story doesn’t end here. A few weeks ago we received the following e-mail:

“Dear friends of AID FOR AIDS,

I would like to tell you guys that my wife already gave birth to our son. On June 17th she underwent a cesarean section following the appropriate measures, and now our awaited Lucas is already here among us. Thanks to your help, Lucas is now taking his med.

Thank you very much!

Ricardo, Angélica and Lucas”

This is just one story of many that everyday knock at our door. Today it was Ricardo, Angélica and Lucas, tomorrow it could be someone else needing our help. As you can see, saving one life is as easy as donating one bottle of unused medicine, making a small donation or even helping us get the word out, so we can received more donated medicines. Help us put a smile on another parents’ faces. Become a hero!

PD: All names have been changed to protect their privacy.  Let’s dream of a world where no one is concerned about sharing their HIV status.

Together we can build a world without a trace of HIV and a society without labels or discrimination.