The Body Magazine and Nelson Vergel join our efforts to fight Venezuelan Medicine Scarcity


Due to a strict government currency control in Venezuela, many corporations have lately had trouble accessing the foreign currency they need in order to conduct international business. This includes pharmaceuticals, which obviously includes HIV medication. So the country finds itself in the midst of a terrible shortage, and people have been reaching out to AID FOR AIDS Venezuela and to all other possible sources of medication, including Nelson Vergel, an author, engineer and HIV treatment advocate, asking for help. In order to try to help, Mr. Vergel has used his wide reach through to point both people in need and those who might have excess medication in the direction of AID FOR AIDS (AFA).

Knowing about our HIV Medicine Recycling Program, and the work we already do in Venezuela, he knows that we may be able to help, but for that we need to receive medication from donors, and for that, people need to know about us and what we do. We appreciate any attention that might allow us to expand the work we do. To help, either by spreading the word, or by donating medication, you can go to our site.
“Where does your unused HIV medication end up?” Donate now!

To read Nelson Vergel’s article, please click here.