AFA and The Community Health Network Join Forces to Support NYC Community

CommunityHealthNetworkEvery day there are more bonds that unite AID FOR AIDS and other community organizations.
We are confident that creating new alliances is key to achieving an AIDS-free generation. We all know HIV does not discriminate based on age, skin color, sexual orientation, social status or gender. Any one of us could be at risk of acquiring HIV if we don’t take the appropriate measures. Therefore, AID FOR AIDS works every day to teach and train hundreds of people, to expand our programs and services, and to create new alliances that allow us to meet our goals.

Today, we want to announce our new alliance with The Community Health Network, an organization that provides primary and mental health care. Among their programs is SHINE, a project focused on both the transgender population and the community at large. The Community Health Network provides testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. All these services are complete free for those who have been exposed to a situation that puts them at-risk for HIV infection.

Partly through this partnership, our Case Management Program will refer those who need it to primary health care, and thus we assure a healthy and proactive future.
If you were in an at-risk situation, or were exposed to HIV, get tested! It is important to know your HIV status as soon as possible.