A Renewed Call for Help!

  • February 5, 2013
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A Renewed Call for Help!

To be sure, there’s been some very good news recently about positive developments in the long and disheartening struggle against HIV and AIDS. But that good news can’t paper over the reality that every day, nearly 5,000 people die from AIDS and 7,000 new HIV infections are reported around the world – 3,000 of them among youth. And it can’t erase the fact that our primary mission at AID FOR AIDS International – to provide life-saving medication to people living with HIV or AIDS (PLWHA) who lack access to treatment—is in need of urgent help from everybody.

The history of AFAI traces to the beginning of the HIV medication recycling program in 1996, which soon evolved into what is known today as our AIDS Treatment Access Program (ATAP). Over the past 15 years, the program has redistributed, free of charge, more than $85 million worth of antiretroviral medication collected in the U.S. to needy recipients in 40 developing countries. The program also works with clients and their doctors to monitor and ensure the clients’ adherence to treatment.
However, donations of medicine have remained low for the past 3 years, despite the availability of huge amounts of unused and unexpired drugs that are being tossed away.