Our office in Venezuela is very active, especially delivering milk formulas to beneficiaries of the Healing Venezuela program, through which we have fed more than 2,000 babies to date, infants who cannot or should not be breastfeed due to their mothers’ health condition, orphaned and/or abandones babies. Conditions in the country are extremely complex, due to the constant persecution of non-governmental organizations and humanitarian workers and the regulations imposed by the regime to address the pandemic, which limit free transit and create even more obstacles for humanitarian work.

However, our team has adapted to the context, and recently worked in alliance with the Central University of Venezuela, the Venezuelan Society of Infectology and the Venezuelan Society of Public Health to train 20 doctors in antimicrobial recognition. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Ana Carvajal, and provided tools for the recognition of antimicrobials in specific situations, including their use in pregnant people.


Through these initiatives, AFA seeks to promote a better quality of life in vulnerable communities in Venezuela.