Colombia – The country shows great progress in equality of the LGBT population

  • July 31, 2015
  • News

Colombia gay prideIn the month of pride, Colombia celebrates its great achievements in the field of recognition of rights for the LGBT community. On June 4, it was issued the 1227 decree, which allows an easy and quick, change sex in two important identity documents: civil registry and the identity card, which is no more than the official identification document for all Colombian adults.
For many years, the sex change process was complex, tedious and even forced the individual to report themselves as ill psychiatric patients, as part of the process. Today, thanks to the 1227 decree, sex change is a simple notarial process that can be carried out twice in life with an interval of 10 years minimum.

Some of the achievements made in the country, and which serve as an example for other countries in the region, is for example, the case of an openly lesbian woman who was promoted on June 16 this year as a Lieutenant Colonel in the national police.
Achieving this point was not easy. The whole story begins in the year 2000, when Sandra Mora, the woman in question, was dismissed from work by “having a girlfriend”. Despite being an exemplary worker and having under her command hundreds of subordinates, she was fired for allegedly being involved in drug trafficking. Some years later, justice was able to verify that the real reason for her dismissal was actually her sexual orientation.

As if it was a crime, her boss, Colonel Mario Gutiérrez, intimidated her in 2000: “Mrs. Mora, we know that you are a great professional, but you also have a relationship, beyond friendship, with a woman from the airport”. Sandra did not deny it, and therefore suffered persecution and harassment at work.

In November she was reinstated to the police and she also received all the wages she had stopped receiving over 11 years and a half. Today, Sandra is responsible for topics such as inclusion and diversity in the national police.
Finally, in a month of great achievements, on June 29, the gay pride day, the Minister of Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, announced that it was a commitment of the current Government to achieve equal marriage and adoption.
Colombia has become an example of equality in the region. Thanks to these actions, it is possible to achieve, sooner than later, goals such as the same-sex marriage and equal adoption.