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In 2001, AID FOR AIDS created a program to provide social and support services to immigrants with HIV or AIDS in the New York Metropolitan Area through our office headquarters. As the demand for such services increased over time, the local program expanded into a fully independent and free-standing office that houses a number of programs serving the local immigrant community in New York. Today, AID FOR AIDS New York is divided into two main program areas: 1. case management, and 2. outreach and HIV testing.



AFA’s Case Management Program is more commonly known as the New York Immigrant AIDS Link (NYIAL) Program. NYIAL understands the difficulties immigrants encounter in adjusting to a new environment, language, and culture, especially when dealing with health issues such as HIV and AIDS. The NYIAL Program helps individuals cope with all of these issues in a confidential and non-judgmental environment, where they are able to receive the support necessary to overcome these barriers. The model of the program is designed to help immigrants with HIV or AIDS aquire supportive and social services in order to improve their overall quality of life.

How do I enroll in NYIAL?

Any immigrant, regardless of legal status, with HIV or AIDS and residing in the New York Metropolitan Area may join NYIAL. Applications to the NYIAL Program are handled by a specialized case management team. To learn more about how to enroll call us at (212) 337-8043, or email Dario Jimenez or Jonathan Capote Applications are available in English and Spanish.


AID FOR AIDS New York is also actively involved in community outreach and HIV testing and prevention with immigrants, since they are at higher risk than other populations of acquiring HIV. Focused on the Latino community in New York, our Outreach and HIV Testing Program provides the necessary information about HIV and AIDS, preventive methods, and HIV Testing. Outreach activities, including free and confidential HIV testing on and off-site, are conducted throughout the year in partnership with local organizations and Latin American consulates in New York. In addition, AFA is committed to educating and training individuals to become peer educators in order to conduct HIV testing and prevention in their communities.


  1. NYIAL served over 500 immigrants, 160 of which were new clients
  2. Since the beginning of the program, 8,000 clients have received assistance, which includes case management, individual counseling, education, testing, free legal clinics, financial management workshops and referrals to a wide range of social services
  3. 43 clients were provided with new housing with AFA’s assistance
  4. 95% of clients had an undetectable viral load after counseling and treatment education
  5. 3,500 HIV tests have been administered by AFA since 2009
  6. 741 HIV tests in 2013, alone, were administered
  7. About 1,000 individuals each month learned preventative information and facts about HIV
  8. We are proud to report that AFA became certified to conduct HEP-C testing this year, adding to our existing testing capabilities, which include initial and confirmatory HIV testing


    1. NYIAL served 453 immigrants, 159 of which were new clients.
    2. We made 538 referrals, connecting clients to medical care, housing services, legal support, mental, dental, and other services.
    3. 52 individuals were placed in new housing last year; 85 individuals retained housing as a result of assistance from AFA New York
    4. Because of our adherence counseling and treatment education, 95% of our clients have an undetectable viral load
    5. In 2012 we were able to start HIV testing in Chelsea, an area of New York with the highest HIV prevalence, through the Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy (formerly Bioscrip) location
    6. Throughout the year we performed nearly 830 HIV tests and 1,200 people received primary prevention information
    7. Also last year, we are proud to report that we became certified to do confirmatory HIV testing along with initial testing, allowing us to expedite the process of connecting clients to care


          1. The Legal Aid Society
          2. Sustainable Living Fund (SLF) / G.M.H.C
          3. RIF Asylum Center
          4. Hispanic Aids Forum (HAF)
          5. Counseling Family Center (COAC)
          6. Human Resource Administration (HASA)
          7. Housing Works
          8. Betances Health Center
          9. ADAP
          10. Elm drugs
          11. Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy
          12. Super Farmacia Unica
          13. Prime Aid Pharmacy
          14. Consulado de Mexico
          15. Consulado de Colombia
          16. New York City Health Department


          1. Robin Hood Foundation
          2. Calvin Klein Family Foundation
          3. TJX Foundation, Inc.


    Jesus Aguais
    Executive Director

    Jaime Valencia
    Director of Operations

    Lupe Aguais
    Venezuela Director / Education and Training Director

    Eduardo Hernandez
    AIDS Access Treatment Program Coordinator

    Leonardo Klie
    Coordinator, HIV Recycling Program

    Alicia Molina
    Public Policy & Government Affairs Specialist

    Oscar Peña
    Case Manager



    To make a donation to AID FOR AIDS New York, use one of these easy methods: Online: [link] By phone: 212.337.8043 to provide payment information By mail: 131 Varick Street. Suite 1011
    New York, NY 10013 Make checks payable to: AID FOR AIDS International