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the bladder – water;

rowan seeds contain essential oil and phospholipids. Taxes multivitamin applied. They can later be considered as a source to get the oil extract carotenoids.

lavender flowers 1

Red Tea 3

192.14 – Yarrow to treat the spleen. Take 50 g of grass with flowers and a glass of boiled water, better still add 50 g of calendula flowers (Calendula) and pour the mixture, 0 online canada purchase cheap uk no price arimidex cheapest drug 1mg order buy rx. liters of boiling water canada price card buy tablets discount cheap discounts cheapest coupon cost online arimidex bodybuilding. Spread 1 cup 3 times a day

licorice root 1

8.4 purchase cheapest anastrozole prescription cheap generic where buy cost online order of discount to drugs buying. – The roots of burdock (when the roots should be collected freezeout – itself a zagniyut its new collection) to establish a pan, bay water, which had covered only the contents of the pan and place in oven cheapest compare price cheap in list for canada comparison sale usa australia arimidex india. Cook until the complete softening of the roots arimidex steroids tablets now buy canada cheapest cheap generic uk online anastrozole without prescription. Cool and strain the broth of user pct arimidex booster supplement cost by patients cheap testosterone 1mg bodybuilding bpi reviews. Dampen the hair roots of this decoction every day

yellow tea 3

14:18 – well calms the nervous system and cause sleep top mugwort infusion

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. Take 5 g and pour 200 ml of boiling water generic liquidex buy uk prescription i without online medicine where cheap can australia in arimidex buying. Open quarter cup four times a day canada purchase buy sale price tablets cost prescription generic ordering order uk drugs arimidex.

Grains of garnet (rub) 1

licorice root 1

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But most of all consecrated willow has been used in medicine fever tadalafil super active 20mg

Green tea 3

yellow tea 3

The Slavs widespread legend that Judas hanged himself in poplar generic arimidex order to australia of where buy online uk canada price india 1mg buying.

Place of collection: forest, rocks, shrubs

The number of recipe 1


and creams used in the cosmetic skin acne on the face buy available china arimidex 1 reviews cost generic tablets canada mg india alternative anastrozole online. They help to improve hair growth, the nutrition and health, so that the yeast washing and rinsing the hair arimidex no buy canada reviews online tablets generic discount availability us bodybuilding safe in prescription.

#arimidex • Instagram photos and videos 1 h available version price cost generic brand prescription without online anastrozole date canada effectiveness arimidex name. Liter of lime flowers and crushed leaves of Salvia officinalis meets 5 minutes in 200 ml of milk prescription canada tablets order no where cheap arimidex ordering buying online buy to without purchase. The mixture is brought to a boil, cool and apply on face and neck, pre-lubricated cream for dry skin europe anastrozole order prescription generic online tablets buy where to purchase get cheap canada without. The top cover with foil and a towel arimidex online in buy australia generic can i get liquidex uk where order prescription medicine no without. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton swab dipped in hot water first and then in the cold. It has a soothing effect on the skin dry and irritated. It is recommended to do 2-3 times a week. The course – 15-20 masks.

Herb Thymus vulgaris 1

The tea is classified in the starting area and the size of the paper. The packaging of tea must be the name of the country where the native tea plantation and the participating countries in the process to the end user. For example, the word “package Sri Lanka,” read a packet of tea, grown and packed in Sri Lanka. It is generally believed that if I packed in the same place, and grew up in – a guarantee of quality. In reality, this is not always the case. Professionals claim that various irregularities in the packaging of tea often occur both in local factories recycling of tea and its direct producers. Therefore, the question of which type of tea is better – full of country or local packaging that produces – just the answer does not matter. However, it is the traditional way to determine the quality of black tea: it is necessary to boil the water, boil the leaves or bag and then immersed in a lemon wedge infusion. Original tea is much lighter and the wrong color becomes very small

Just butterbur medicine -. 1

17.72 – mosquito bites clean with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia alcohol. Itching disappears.

The inflorescences of chamomile 1

Meridian kidney influences blood circulation

The number of recipe 2

21.79 to 10 bay leaves pour water 3 cups boiling water , 2-3 hours, take half a cup 3 times a day with diabetes.

The St. l. Mixture of earth to make a glass of boiling water, insist 8 hours, drain. The infusion will last a 100 ml 3 times a day an hour after eating.

Comments - Instagram It is well known that the immune system protects against a variety of infections in the health and other external effects. In the body of every human being without exception, produced a protective proteins – the different types of immunoglobulins (F, G, E). Immunoglobulin E, which are involved in allergic reactions, usually not too produced, for example, need to kill the worms.

Dogwood leaves the ordinary 1

When the stones in the kidneys, ureters, and bladder has been used in a collection of 15 g of grass broom, juniper 15 g, 15 g of leaves, cranberries, 15 g of knotweed grass, 30 g the herb horsetail. Birch tar obtained by dry crust is a strong disinfectant and used to treat parasitic skin diseases, burns and festering wounds. A mixture of birch tar, castor oil and ethyl alcohol is used for the treatment of seborrhea oily skin itching. Tar is a member of several creams (Vishnevsky Kon’kova, Wilkinson) and therapeutic tar soap.

And allergies can cause office. President of the British Association of allergic Muriel Simmons believes that this growing problem has just begun to attract attention. Allergies can cause ozone released from the device modern, contemporary detergents, plastic coating -. All the same office for more than 300 hazardous substances

The entire international classification markings, and quality – the leaves on the packaging in combination with a number of letters – and tselnolistovyh (large leaf) and children (shredded). These markings above, here we note that only the packets with the details of tea in the elite write a list of the account is a member of -. The type of the first or second

– the content, the volume of which provides psychological, philosophical. and

the fullness of the spiritual process

Recipe number 4

And remember: as long as possible to breast milk breast-feeding not only increases resistance to colds and increases the capacity of the child’s intellectual, but also protects against the risk of allergies and other diseases size life.

Ginger medicine 1

yellow tea 3

Ness face, oily skin, dry skin. 110

The chlorophyll – the green pigment. The content of the tea leaves is 0.6-0.8%, and increases the amount of roughness of the sheet. Under the influence of high temperature heat treatment of tea leaf (lock, exposure, drying), chlorophyll is destroyed. When there is insufficient destruction of chlorophyll in products made of poor quality, it has a negative properties – green, grass flavor, bitterness

Red Tea 3

191.52 -. With liver disease lasts 3 cups oats peel neprotravlennogo. Rinse well, add 3 tbsp of birch buds and leaves 2 tablespoons cranberries. Pour 4 liters of cold water and insist night in a cool place. In another bowl, mash 1 cup of dry rose hips and pour the boiling water. Cook for about 10 minutes, leave for one day in a cool place. Infusion of oats tightly and boil for 15 minutes, then add 3 tablespoons of herbs polygons and 2 tablespoons corn stigmas. All boil for 15 minutes, remove from heat and let stand for 45 minutes. Infused filtered and paste. Store in a refrigerator in a bottle not exceeding 5 days. Rinse the adult liver in 150 ml of warm infusion 4 times a day 30 minutes before eating. Children 2-3 years, in which case 1 dessert spoon 3-5 years – 1 tablespoon of 5-10 years – 25 ml. With over 10 years of age – 50 ml. The course of treatment 10 days, then a break.

Used parts: the bark

licorice root 1

16:29 – rheumatism helps: 2 pounds of ground hay to put cotton bag and a pot of boiling a liter of water for 30 minutes . The resulting liquor pour into a bath of warm water and add a half bath. Sit in a tub and close the curtains so that the edges hanging on the edge of the tub 10 inches. In the middle of the canvas make the cut size of one square foot. A cut-out space to sew a thin rubber that is in the middle of the neck slightly smaller than the diameter of the neck. Neckline to participate in this stick his head in the bath.

103.30 – Marshmallow root – ’10, chamomile flowers – ’10, marigold – ’10 – ’10 licorice root, ’10 herb St. John’s wort, flowers Helichrysum – ’10, grass yarrow – ’10, oak bark – ’10, grass motherwort – ’10, grass Cudweed – ’10 10 g of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 40-60 minutes, cool, strain, bottle of 200 ml. Take March 1 to February 1 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals stomach ulcer or gastritis with increased and normal secretory function.

– acetate parakrezil – Narcissus;


The licorice root – 1

licorice root 1

The refined tea culture has long since become an important part of the spiritual life of the Chinese, because the spirit of “The Art of Tea” Near the person expresses the nature and the natural values ??of life, like so much appreciated in China relationships, as warmth and friendliness. The tradition of drinking tea is deeply rooted in the history of China, and employs more than a thousand years. Tea ceremony originated in China long before the advent of Buddhism. According to many sources, the use of the fifth century. BC X. Lao Tzu, which suggests a ritual cup of the “golden elixir”. However, the classic tradition of the tea ceremony in China, which flourished in the country until the Mongol invasion, was, according to many scientists, only the tenth century. and it is related to the operation of China’s Emperor Hui Tsung Song Dynasty, who ruled the Chinese empire in 1101-1125. Philosophical and psychological ritual of tea in China, as well as his cult, described and sung his thesis tea, “Huang Ta Liang cha”. The thesis describes not only the advantages and the amazing properties of tea, because it affects the human body, but also gave a detailed description of the ritual of drinking tea. This work will amaze researchers a good knowledge of the subject, a great erudition and elegant style of presentation. He had this work has brought the cult of tea in China, an unprecedented height, offering a drink so high patronage of Vice President of China

62.82 -. Often, cranberry juice is used to lubricate the skin rashes. 100 g of dried fruits pour half a liter of water, until the water has been reduced by 0.3 liters.


Balls doctors can be taken without interruption for a long time. But in general, in advanced cases is no longer necessary after only a few months after the disease disappear

62.71 -. In abrasions it is used a decoction of the leaves and burdock root.

After drying, make the loaded mix of drum or merger. The purpose of a mix – a mix of tea homogeneous type and the point of placement, a homogeneous mixture of the plant. Then the tea leaves are paid in cases of plywood and pulled the withdrawal process, the aim of which is to close the particles of tea

8:29 -. In order to use hair care 10 per cent alcohol tincture of herbs St. John’s wort, which is rubbed into the scalp 1-2 times a week. To this end, the grass, 10 g chopped herbs St. John should be placed in 90 ml of alcohol or vodka. Insist week, then strain and store in a tightly closed container.

The licorice root 1

In ancient times was tea, collecting only girls who have not yet begun menstruating. Rene frustrated by two claws, not your fingers to touch her too much. It had to be a certain size and shape, and be sure to look at the southern edge, because the kidneys, looking west, east or north, there was another force.

fruits in August-September. Honey plant.

The leaves of lemon balm 1

Used parts: the leaves

In a culture of nature, is a tree-shaped and tovidnaya cous tea plant. Clearly expressed in the form of a tree trunk, a crown grows mainly in height. Plants have a small frame in the shape of the bush and vertical branching. Crohn’s disease develops in their width and height. The last representatives of the shape of the tea bush – a plant creeping branching, which is Kroon develops mainly a width of

poplar seek help when you want to get rid of the problem, get rid of the problems and the negative energy, to reduce inflammation. process. And ‘possible to save people from a toothache

11.3 – Elixir of Youth:.. 400 gr garlic to clean, wash and grate, squeeze the juice of 24 lemons, mix with the garlic and pour into a jar necktie around the neck gauze before impact, Take a teaspoon.. ready to spread a glass of water after 1-2 weeks it disappears drowsiness, improves overall health, increases efficiency In addition, it was believed that garlic has antiskleroznym, tonic effect

The basic structure of alkaloids;… the tannins, essential oil, organic acids; pigments, flavonoids, vitamins A, Bi, B2, pantothenic acid, P, PP, C, trace elements (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, fluorine, silicon, cobalt, copper, iodine, gold), carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein-rich material; enzymes; fitotsidy; amino

Acute bronchitis – acute inflammation of the bronchi due to infection or allergies cough with or without mucus occurs, it may be fever, weakness

63.28 -.. Abundant lubrication burning melted beef or mutton fat or olive oil is very good.

The fruits of raspberry 1

Entries: Internal – cardiovascular diseases, involving heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, eating disorders, atherosclerosis, lowering the tone of the blood vessels, swelling; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles, symptoms of pain, flatulence; when Romney gipoh anemia; hypo- and beriberi, fatigue states that vitamins C and trace elements (potassium, iron); externally – as a cosmetic ingredient pustular skin diseases

The recipe number 4 (oral)

The number of recipe 1 (external flushing)

The fruits of the common honey locust 1

yellow tea 3

72.56 – Grass and flowers parsnip (3 tablespoons) to boil 1 liter of milk. Drink asthma.

The second is the aura, psychic bioplasma interaction. Bioenergy is inherent in all living matter and is not directly related to the activity of consciousness. It is rather a phenomenon of physiological rather than psychological. Bioenergy is the animals and trees, water, earth.

pharmaceutical raw

spruce needles is an essential oil, ascorbic acid, tannins, resins, mineral salts and volatile production. The concentration of ascorbic acid depends on the habitat of spruce and can reach 400 mg%. Cover for a significant amount of tannin concentrates (10-15%). Zhivitsa tree contains turpentine, resins, essential oils, formic acid and succinic acid.

101.128 – inguinal hernia treated by applying ferns (moss water) – compresses to the affected area overnight.

Take a dry 1

It has long been used four possible scenarios collection of tea: regular, light, reinforced and tough. The collection is produced in the process of shrubs, usually in late April or early May with a maturity of October. In ancient China, by the end of April or the beginning of March, we finished the unopened leaves, coated fiber edges. This product is the first collection (“Silver Needle”), it was not for sale: bogdyhana sent to the court “imperial tea.” Collection at the end of May and June gave the most “flower of the heart.” Sometimes these two charges are limited to deplete the plant. But sometimes he practiced the third collection in August, which gave the crude quality and a fourth in the autumn. The product of these charges has been difficult to prepare tea at a very low level for the poor. E ‘is often a small cup leaves fell and the old, as well as copies of the branches

17:48 -. Immediately after bitten by a snake would make a primitive tourniquet tape, rope, and so on and tie it tight arm or leg space. bitten. Pay no attention to the pain, burn Bitten place a hot iron. Then treat the wound burns. Remove tourniquet after 15 minutes.

The sweet orange peel 1

prostatitis, inflammation of the kidneys, urinary retention. 92

The number of recipe 1

yellow tea 3